What We Do

Verus Global Solutions is an innovative global provider of New and Refurbished/End-of-Life Enterprise Data Center hardware and services. With over 60+ years’ experience, Verus Global Solutions buys, sells, rents and consigns all major product lines of Servers, Storage and Networking equipment, including HP, IBM, Dell, Sun/Oracle, Cisco, NetApp, EMC and more.

With customers in over 40 countries, Verus Global Solutions has a proven track record of providing exceptional value and personalized service to customers around the globe. By freeing companies from the constraints of traditional IT providers, Verus Global Solutions provides our partners with freedom of choice and control over their IT infrastructure.

For the last 10+ years we have been providing End-Of-Life Products, Servers, Storage, and Networking Equipment to a global market. With our over 60+ years’ experience in the industry here is how we support your mission and solution needs:

  •    • We babysit the process
  •    • Our tech team verifies each item we send that it is working and free of errors
  •    • We include with every order: Tech testing certification as requested, packing list, air bill
  •    • Monitoring orders from the moment you place an order to the time you receive it.
  •    • Access to our founders of the company who are committed to meeting your needs
  •    • Relationship driven
  •    • People on the ground in the areas we serve for additional support
  •    • Global IT Solutions Company

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